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She's the light house in the storm
If you want to experience true dynamic excellence, you need look
no further than Amanda DeBraux.



Catch Amanda in her upcoming appearance in Season13 of BlueBloods and  the new Showtime series Three Women.

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A dynamic and versatile force, Amanda DeBraux is truly sensational. An authentic Actor, Producer and Writer, she brings her grounded, real professional approach to all of her projects. Whether it's appearing on the long-running series Law & Order: SVU AND Bluebloods or landing a lead role in The Rest of Us (available on Amazon Prime), Amanda shines in each of her endeavours with a committed loving spirit and a prepared attitude.

Amanda's journey has been nothing short of inspiring - from growing up in the Boogie Down Bronx to a Puerto Rican mother and a Black American father, to attaining a bachelor's degree in forensic psychology while modeling and working at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Choosing to stay true to her authentic self and be grounded, Amanda stepped into the world of professional storytelling after being cast as background on The Good Wife set. Committed to bringing the archaic form of storytelling into modern day with veritable grace and far-reaching talent, she booked independent films out of college; Secret Guilt (2014) and Pushing Dreams (2013). Amanda is truly a loving storyteller prepared for any dynamic challenge;

having pushed through difficulties in her own life she knows how vital it is to show up for each opportunity with strength and gratitude. 

In 2018, Amanda was really hitting her stride! With dynamic roles in The High Maintenance episode Fagin and Law & Order: SVU alongside Ice T and Kelli Gibbish, she created a comedic artistry that was truly remarkable. But she didn't stop there! Amanda's shining moment came when she became the leading actor for Mary Stuart Masterson’s produced film, The Rest of Us. This brought Mental Health Awareness to the forefront and gave her a chance to use her genuine, loving spirit to shine bright. She committed herself to helping others by hosting Instagram Lives with colleagues - providing a sacred space for those needing advice or support. 

Amanda truly exemplified being prepared - both mentally and physically - enabling her to make meaningful impacts on so many lives that will resonate through time. Showcasing her commitment and resourcefulness she has acted as Producer and Director on the 72 Hours Short Film Challenge, Act Nice (2017), which premiered in New York City. Her collaboration with Melissa Sutkowski on the upcoming


in New York City. Her collaboration with Melissa Sutkowski on the upcoming anthology series Untitled as well as her involvement in the New York Writers Dojo group have seen her develop essential connections that have built up and refined Amanda’s already creative mindset. A certified Life Coach, Amanda uses her platform to create a safe space for others to nurture their unique authentic selves and be brave enough to make powerful changes that last. Coming from a place of grounded professionalism, preparedness and loving support, Amanda continues to make an impact on the lives of those who come into contact with her energy.

Amanda is prepared and ready for whatever comes next. Stay tuned and join her journey as she continues on with her podcast Mindset Artistry, which has quickly become a favorite among fans. Even though her calendar is completely full, don't hesitate to cast her today - from movie sets to corporate meetings, she's always willing to explore and try something new. With an energy that radiates in balancing career, family, friends, yoga, traveling and picnics with her two dogs in the park or wherever else life takes her - stay connected with Amanda to experience what's next!

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Melissa Sutkowski 
Actress| Producer | Writer

Amanda's an amazing actress, producer and an even better person. We all love her so.


Phil Ogden
Creator /EP of TheThing Forward

Amanda is sunshine in your cast, Smart, funny, present, and wants to bring the very best out of her characters. She's also Infinitely interesting to watch onscreen. 



Reel / Clips


Reel '23-'24 Amanda DeBraux

Reel '23-'24 Amanda DeBraux

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Kooky Clips_ Amanda DeBraux

Kooky Clips_ Amanda DeBraux

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Fiesty Clips_Amanda DeBraux

Fiesty Clips_Amanda DeBraux

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Depth Clips_Amanda DeBraux

Depth Clips_Amanda DeBraux

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Without wonder and insight, acting is just a trade. With it, it becomes creation.

Betty Davis

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