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PODCAST: Are you extending yourself Compassion? Have you found it easy to extend it to others but...

Updated: May 20

Honestly, think about it. How has harping on the negative in your life changed the outcome?

The truth is, we can change that by allowing self-compassion when we resist avoiding the pain and embrace the challenge with loving kindness and goodwill to discover our inner strength and ability to solve the problem.

Patience is key.

As a new chapter opens in my life, NEW CHALLENGES are faced, and sometimes I feel like I am 1,000% prepared and jump right in and fall flat on my face, while other times I take it one small step at a time and conquer it gracefully; So what's the difference?

It's the choice to acknowledge how I approach these challenges mentally.

What's important to understand is our mindset help pave the road we travel because it either directs you to more bumpy roads and head-on collisions or helps you maneuver your way around and through those blocks.

To listen further into self-compassion and its importance in our lives, tune into the new episode of Mindset Artistry.

My mission is to help others discover their inner voice, truth, self-worth and lively a life full of prosperity.

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