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PODCAST: Are you letting others' fear dictate your life?

Updated: May 20, 2023

The truth is I was afraid to admit I was scared of success and being happy as I am because I didn't see too many people around doing just that. So instead, I focused on the examples of those around me who tried and failed. It was actively looking for facts to justify the inaction of pursuing my goal, which became so paralyzing that I secluded myself to avoid explaining to others how my life wasn't going as I dreamed.

Once I took the time to acknowledge the damaging behavior, I actively decided to make a change. I realized the many facts I found to justify the failures. Alternatively, I could find facts that supported success. As I did, I built a mindset and practices that allowed me to embrace the fear and take it on the journey with me anyway.

See, Failure isn't an excuse to stop. It's a reason to keep going. Remember this, growth and success evolve out of trying and learning.

To listen further into denying others fears, tune into the new episode of Mindset Artistry.


As a certified life coach who works with Corp-Creatives & Creatives in the Entertainment industry, I can assist you in discovering your inner authenticity and how to capitalize on it throughout your life, job, and relationships. Through the journey, you'll gain tools and insight into how you are making choices, where to start, how to overcome challenges, and recognize your limiting beliefs that are getting in your way.

If you're ready to unlock your true potential and start believing in yourself, let's work together. As a Self-Authencity & Prosperity Coach, I embark on an powerful journey with you with an encouragement at the helm. With my help, we will reflect on your blocks and pain points and take small steps towards wealth, success, happiness and more! Book your first session with me today - it's time to make your dreams a realtiy.

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