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Unveiling the Artist Within: Discovering the Power of Claiming Your Art as an Actor & Life Lessons

Claiming your ART.

As an actor, this career can be inconsistent, stressful, disappointing, and full of judgment.

Like any career, continuing through adversities and pursuing your DREAM takes more than guts.

It’s been 10+ years since I decided to achieve a career as an actor, storyteller, and artist.

The road has taken me on many detours, many gas stops, tune-ups, and breakdowns.

So I asked myself why I kept going, knowing there would continue to be heartbreaks, mishaps, and rejections.

My current thought is I wouldn’t be true to myself if I did. I would do myself a disservice to deny my inner art a voice.


If you are feeling discouraged or defeated, here are a few things I’ve learned on this journey that may encourage you to keep going:

  • First, your interpretation of the art is unique to your storytelling.

  • Making bold choices creates and allows fun and a sense of freedom.

  • It’s OK to seek help from your community.

  • As an artist, our job isn’t to assume but instead feel and give life to the story.

  • Your body is a tool and a system that you must continue to care for and embrace.

  • There will be moments of stillness and no calls. No auditions, no classes, but those moments define your success. What you do in those moments will dictate how you interact with your success, art, and self-healing.

  • No one role is the same, and each deserves respect, just like you and any person you encounter.

  • Freedom to create, feel, and perform come from preparation and practice.

  • Learning never stops

  • Your unique story, style, look, speech, movement, and every embodiment of you make you as valuable as you allow it to be. Being authentically you brings to the art something that no one else could.

  • The journey you set out to achieve doesn’t always look or feel like you expected. Instead, it’s much better than you could have imagined. EMBRACE IT AS IT IS.

  • There is enough work and opportunity for all of us to grow and succeed.

  • The journey toward success is much more fun when you embrace the ebbs and flows versus the failures and mishaps.

  • Stimulation and creativity can come from anywhere, and sometimes it can be different than it was yesterday, today, or tomorrow, and that’s the beauty of art. It’s ever-changing and ever-evolving and so beautiful.

The journey isn't over.

Check out a new episode of

In this episode, we talk about the difficulty of shining your light and how it's doing you a disservice.


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