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The Purging, The Negative Thoughts Starter Worksheet Tool is the perfect tool to help you regain control of your life and eliminate the negative thoughts that prevent you from achieving your goals. With this essential tool, you'll be able to identify and release those harmful thoughts and replace them with positive, constructive ones. This tool will help you move forward with a more positive outlook and create a happier, more fulfilled life.

Purging The Negative Thoughts Starter Worksheet Tool

  • Hello my fellow Shining Star, allow me to introduce myself; I'm Amanda DeBraux: A Bronx native Actress, Certified Life Coach, Podcast Co-host of Mindset Artistry, Writer, and extragalactic being living on a floating planet called Earth. I'm here to bring more light into the world while being 💯% me and getting you there too! 

    Whether it's discovering your authentic voice or taking practical steps to live the life of your dreams, I'm committed to inspiring you on your journey toward reaching those goals. 

    💫CEO of One Fine Hour Productions

    💫Forensic Psychology Bachelor holder

    💫5+ years of Human Resources / Talent Acquisition experience turned MULTIFACETED being inspiring others through story-telling. 

    💫A healing being that discovered being your most authentic self aligning with your higher being is the path to an abundant and prosperous reality - self-created. 

    💫The mission is to serve others to do and live as such. 

    💫Have two precious dogs. 


    💫Listens to all types of music: classical, r&b, old-school, freestyle, 80s, 90s, salsa, etc...

    💫One of my many favorite movies is SIGNS. 


    🌟🧡My mission is to help others discover their inner voice, truth, and self-worth. 

    I assist you in discovering your inner authenticity and how to capitalize on it throughout your life, job, relationships, and choices to overcome challenges with limiting beliefs and quit letting blocks get in your way. The START button is ready to be pressed. 

    Shine Brighlty & Live Boldy. 

    - Amanda

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