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Here are a few things I've learned about committing to a career that can be uncertain yet fulfilling and rewarding.

✨It's essential to know your truth:

So often, this career requires so much from us that others don't understand and will never understand unless they're in it. There can be so many rejections, heartbreaks, hardships, and uncertainties that the one thing we can control is knowing our truth, knowing who we are, and loving who we are entirely.

✨Allow for failure:

The best things and lessons I've learned were when I tried, even though I felt like I couldn't or didn't know enough, or it didn't feel like the right timing. Those moments of "TRYING" reminded me of my "WHY"- the reason I started my passion and how these lessons have helped me get better, shift my perspective, expand my mindset, and rediscover my art in many different ways, without those challenges to unearth my capabilities and go beyond it.

✨Community and support is essential:

Others may not understand that much of the work and preparation is done chiefly alone when no one is around. When you are by yourself, staying up until 4 AM learning your lines, prepping emotionally, physically and mentally for the project. Because of that, it is vital to surround yourself with people who support you even when you can't be there for them because you must be on set for 2-3 months and understand and see that you're always doing your best and appreciate that. On the contrary, it's helpful to have a group of friends to help you learn your lines, develop your movement (Coach, Director, etc..), and so on. It's also OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP.

✨Believe in your dream:

No one can see for you what you see for yourself. Remind yourself daily of the dreams and goals you are striving for. If naysayers surround you, rejection or doubt creeps in, remember your dream and that feeling because that will be a part of your motivation and fuel to keep going. It will also keep you aligned with making choices to accompany that which you desire.

✨Do it on your own:

I've recognized that one of the ways to live your life is to travel, explore, and not be afraid to do things on your own; go for it! Go to that restaurant you desire, book that trip you've dreamt of, and who cares if no one comes with you because the memory is yours at the end of the day. You want to build an autobiography yearbook of your life that will depict moments of joy and happiness, courage, strength, and memories of connecting with different cultures, creating different stories, meeting amazing people, and having laughs along the way.

✨Understand the industry you're in:

What has been one of the best contributions to my success as an actor and podcast host, and all I strive for is that I have taken the time to learn the industry. I've asked questions I don't know the answer to. I have been curious like George; I have maintained the childlike version within me to ask and learn; otherwise, what's the point?

✨Give it your all:

With every audition, meeting, reading, callback, booking, and interaction in the industry you desire, always give it your all and do your best as if you already have it. Maintain the belief that you are achieving it. That proves and confirms that you belong in that dream that you desire, and by always doing your best, you eliminate or lessen doubt, fear, and anxiety because you trust in giving your all and doing your best.

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So, if you want to upgrade your business and career mindset, here's a great tool you can use and access today.

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