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Welcoming 2024 with pen Hearts & Limitless Dreams

Happy New Year 🎊🎆 !!!


Let me let you in on the tea of how I spent the remaining month of 2023.

In December, I took the well-needed time to do the "R's" instead of sulking over what didn't go as planned.


Reflecting, Revisiting, Reassessing, Reimagine, Revising, Resetting,

Relocating (my energy to focus),  

Reevaluating my values, boundaries, desires, wins, falls, setbacks, etc., &  

Re-Energizing my whole being (mind, body, soul & spirit).

Amanda DeBraux


Let me spill the tea -


I dreamed of booking work and did. I dreamed of finding love, and I did. I dreamed of modeling more, and I did. I dreamed of helping others achieve their truth through my coaching, and I did. I dreamed of expanding my podcast community, and I did. 


Now, I can't say it was precisely how I dreamed or expected, but I did it, and not without hardships, heartbreak, setbacks, and sadness. Last year was a year I had to learn how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable & let go of the old stories. 


😵 Eeek 😵 


The truth is it's hard to let go of control when we care so much, but Trust is the key. 


Here's what I've taken away from 2023:


the lessons, the little win, how I can go beyond what I think I'm capable of, and what I can do better. Instead of looking at 2023 as a complete failure, full of losses - take the time and reflect on the real MVPs, the YES'S, celebrating the little victories, how the No's contributed to your growth, especially things that weren't valuing your worth, and allow yourself the ability to see beyond what was and create in what is and will be


You can CHANGE the course of 2024! It all starts with YOU. 🎊

Do this: Remember this: 


Embrace the forgiveness, and let go

of the guilt, shame, and suffering to

make space for the unwavering

belief that you can have what You are safe! 

you desire. Take time to

discover your thoughts

and how they magnetize your

experiences to shift the narrative. 

If there is anything to speak into existence in 2024, it is this: 



You are safe to admit what you want. 

You are safe to dream about what you want. 

You are safe to imagine and allow your inner child to dream big. 

You are safe to admit that you want love. 

You are safe to admit that you wish to succeed. 

You are safe to admit that you want to be happy. 

You are safe. 


Give yourselves credit and permission to receive what you desire, and recognize the fear of having it and losing it or not being worthy of what you desire WILL NOT help you get it. 


By allowing yourself and giving yourself permission to receive what you want, you're also admitting energy, a thought, and direction to your body and mind to be alert and aware of the opportunities that will allow you to receive what you desire. 


💝You are SAFE to imagine, dream big, and be blissfully happy. It's not just permission; it's a cosmic invitation because, darling, you are worth it. 


🤩 DECLARE to the stars & beyond "2024 is your YEAR!" 🤩


Shout from the rooftops, sprinkle some glitter, and give yourself the permission slip signed by the universe. 


Are you ready to shift?

To kickstart your transformative journey, I'm offering my- One Session, One Step & One Goal coaching deals for just $22.22 for 45 minutes. Don't overwhelm yourself with juggling 100 goals at once; start with one of the many and embark on the change you've been aching to achieve.

- Amanda DeBraux

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