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PODCAST: Learning Self-Love & Maintaining Awareness

Updated: May 20, 2023

Have you denied yourself of TRUE LOVE?

Do you constantly find yourself looking outward for love?

The truth is the love you seek is the love you NEED to give yourself. So it's vital to your well-being to nurture your relationship with thy self.

There was a time in my life I felt for someone or love to be in my life, and I had to be a version of perfection. A performance that allowed others to treat me with disrespect and belittle my being and accomplishments altering my internal dialogue to the point I was constantly seeking validation from others. During that time, I lost my truth. Maybe I never knew it, regardless; I was in a state of limbo. Does this sound familiar?

Well, I'm here to tell you it will pass, but it's a journey you must choose. Once I started to take the time to get to know my truth, discover my voice and value myself as I am the love I thought I needed from others, I gifted myself and still do. MY LOVE IS BOUNDLESS.

It's time for you to release the notion you have to earn some notoriety to be worthy of love.

You were born; that's your number 1 reminder that LOVE is your right.

Thinking that being perfect is the only way you'll see yourself

lovingly is FALSE.

Tune into a new episode of the Mindset Artistry podcast as Janel Koloski and I chat about the pitfalls of outside validation, denying thyself of love, identifying worthiness, and a tool to flourish in love as ourselves.

Ready to take that leap? Below is a MINDFUL PRACTICE to create daily essentials to help you make an unbreakable bond with the SELF.

  • Take as much time as you need and write out all the negative thoughts you tell yourself about LOVE.

  • Ask yourself, how do they relate to you? What impact has it had on your life? Do you believe it's true?


  • Tell yourself exactly how it feels. Allow your negative thoughts to be replaced with positive affirmations. Repeat that daily. Anytime you think those thoughts creep in, replace them.

Try for a week and let me know how it has impacted your life and let me know how it went.

Want more? Drop in the comments topics you would like to explore, and don't forget to join me LIVE every Sunday at 11:30 am eastern time on Instagram for Coffee with Coaches. It gets REAL.

The present is ABUNDANT & the future is BRIGHT.

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