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PODCAST: What do you Value? The importance of identifying your values and its impact on your choices

Updated: May 20, 2023

It also guides you with who you allow in your life, the vocation you desire, and even the person you want to be in the world.


It becomes easier to say YES to things and life, especially saying NO to something you don't want to do. Trust in yourself is amplified due to your awareness of yourself and your self-concept.

It was a significant "AHA moment" when I dove deep into my values. I realize I was holding onto my parents' and societal values, which weren't wrong, just not true to the person I developed into or where I wanted to go. In realizing that misalignment, I took the time to explore what I truly wanted and how that was equivalent to my values.

It was challenging a learning curve to admit 60% of my values were ego-based and not aligned with what truly makes me happy.

For example, we all want to be rich, but what about being rich will make you happy? The freedom to travel or purchase name-brand clothes, or the ability to give back to the community?

To listen further into values and their importance in our lives, tune into the new episode of Mindset Artistry.

Ready to take that leap? Below is a MINDFUL PRACTICE to create daily essentials to help you make an unbreakable bond with the SELF.

  1. Take as much time as you need and write a list of everything you value in your life (work, relationships, family, etc...)

  2. Keep in mind this will be a living list.

  3. These values can be independence, friendships, time alone, adventure, intimacy, closeness, and so on...

  4. As always, be honest.

  5. Upon finalizing your list, revisit it at least two more times and ask yourself honestly if each of those values is TRULY yours or a projection from others or society. Suppose it doesn't; take it off. You can always add it back in.

  6. Please tune in to the podcast to learn how to apply them.

Identifying your values is the easy part. Taking the next step to move forward with that awareness is the transition.

Want more? Drop in the comments topics you would like to explore, and don't forget to join me LIVE every Sunday at 11:30 am eastern time on Instagram for Coffee with Coaches. It gets REAL.

The present is ABUNDANT & the future is BRIGHT.

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